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Bell Times - Pick Up/Drop Off

Students are dismissed from school at 2:35pm.  Students are either bus riders, car riders, day care riders, bike riders, after care, or true walkers.  It is best for your child(ren) to have a consistent way home each day.  You will be asked at Meet the Teacher to indicate on the My Way Home Form how your child(ren) will be picked up or go home.  Walkers are ONLY for TRUE WALKERS.   This means a parent is NOT in their car parking and walking to pick up their child. If you come to pick up your child in a vehicle then your child is a car rider no exceptions.  Car riders will receive their assigned number once this form is turned in.  At the end of the day students’ will go to a designated area indicated below and they are expected to sit silently and read a book until their way home transportation is here. 

Children are expected to leave school within fifteen (15) minutes of dismissal time. We realize unexpected delays in picking up children occasionally occur. In such a situation, we have the following expectations:

  • If the ride has not arrived within 15 minutes after dismissal, the child will remain with the teacher on duty. 
  • Parents are encouraged to notify the office by 1:45pm if they are going to be late or if there is a change in transportation plans. This helps reassure the child.
  • After 2:50pm, the parent or authorized person is to come to the office upon arrival, so the office staff will know the child has been picked up.
  • If a child remains at school beyond 3:15pm, assistance from the principal will be needed to discuss how we can assist the child being picked up on time.


Grimes Elementary School
3213 East 56 Street

Bell Times

Opening Bell 7:15 a.m.
Dismissal Bell 2:35 p.m.

Doors open at 7:15
Every child can have breakfast at school


Photo of Grimes Elementary taken from 56th and Harvard.

Morning Drop off from 7:15-7:30:

Pull through the circle drive on 56th St and adults will be there to open your car and let the students out allowing for a quick drop off. Parents who choose to walk their child in need to park across the street in the neighborhood or in the parking lot to the west of the school and walk back to the front doors of the school.

Afterschool Pick up:

Parents/guardians drive up 56th St, past Grimes and enter the parking lot on the west end of the school, drive through and turn right on street that runs behind the school. The pickup line will start parallel to the large tree on the playground nearest Harvard. Please wait in your car and your child will be dismissed by their car rider number.