Hello Students!
Students are important at Grimes. Students are expected to come to school prepared to learn each day. They are expected to behave in a manner appropriate for the learning of others and their self.

Grimes School Pledge:

I will act in such a way
that I will be proud of myself
and others will be proud of me too.

I come to school to learn
and I will learn today.
I will have a great day.

Grimes School Song:

G-R-I-M-E-S Elementary  
We’re not Mickey Mouse
We’re special
We’re the Cream of the Crop.  

We’re movin’ out together
Risin’ to the top.  
Our colors will tell you just where we stand,
That’s why we’re known as the best in the land.  

We are kids for all times
“Cause we are from Grimes”,  

Grimes Elementary-  
Blue stands for justice, white for purity,
Blend them together they stand for unity.  
We are the greatest,
If you want to rate us.  

How about Number One Grimes!
Important Information
  • Life Skills Chant
    Written by Alisha Butters, Former School Counselor
  • Safety Patrol
    Safety patrols assist in keeping Grimes students safe.
  • Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts
    More information to come.
Student Council
  • Student Council Representatives
    1st semester representatives will be elected soon.
  • Student Council Officers
    Student Council officers and representatives for the 2013-14 school year will be announced soon.
  • Monthly Meetings
    Meeting are held the first Tuesday of every month in the Library at 7:25. Be on time and have lots of ideas to share.
  • Student Council Activities
Important Links
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