Grimes Elementary Dress Code/Uniform

Top, Hoodies and Undershirts:

All tops and hoodie colors are white, royal/navy blue, and redPlease follow these guidelines

Collared polo shirts (long or short sleeve) in white, navy blue, royal blue, and red.
Long sleeve button down oxford cab be light blue.

Sweatshirts/Sweaters/Hoodies can be worn as outerwear.

No logos or designs (Only Grimes logo)

Any color of Grimes logo hoodies or sweatshirts.

Bottom Half:

All bottom wear colors must be khaki, navy, black or Grimes plaid and must follow these guidelines…

·     Bottom wear can be slacks, capris, shorts, skirts, and jumpers. 

·     Skirts, dresses, or jumpers must have shorts under them.

·     No holes.

·     An appropriate length for shorts worn as a main garment is considered to be no shorter than where the child’s longest fingers reach when arms and hands are fully extended at his/her sides, or 6 inches above the knee, whichever is longer.

·     No sagging or excessive tightness or bagginess.

·     Jeans of any color not appropriate uniform pants.

·     Leggings, or tights wore alone are not appropriate uniform pants.

·     Leggings and tights must be a solid color. No design or prints.  


Closed toe shoes ONLY! (Tennis shoes are strongly encouraged, especially on gym days)
Socks must be a in solid colors only. NO designs or prints.

NO high heels, backless shoes, flip flops, slippers, shower shoes, cleats or roller shoes

Head and other wear:

  • Coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc., must be stored in students’ lockers or cubbies
  • Hats, caps, curlers, sweatbands, bandanas, or scarves may not be worn within the school building unless prescribed by a physician and approved by the school administration.
  • Hairstyles are to reflect uniform dress. Therefore, extreme hair colors, or distracting hairstyles are not permitted.
  • Sunglasses, unless prescribed by a doctor, shall not be worn to class or within the school buildings.
  • Visible pierced jewelry shall be limited to the ear.
  • Expensive jewelry is discouraged. If worn, earrings must be small. Large hoop and dangling earrings are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Make-up is not to be worn.


    School Spirit Days: Friday of each week is designated school spirit days. Students will be allowed to wear PTA Grimes spirit shirts with uniform bottoms. Shirts from any school year at Grimes are acceptable.
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